No Man’s Sky Beyond Will Be out Mid August

Three Updates Rolled into One

For about five months, Hello Games has been working towards releasing a major update for No Man’s Sky. Scratch that, Hello Games co-founder Sean Murray calls it “three major updates rolled into one larger free release.” Despite an underwhelming launch, Hello Games has been bringing No Man’s Sky back from the brink and is planning their most ambitious update No Man’s Sky Beyond. A teaser was released earlier today for Beyond announcing an August 14th release date.

No Man's Sky Beyond

There are three components to this update. The first is No Man’s Sky Online, which is a new approach to multiplayer in the game. It is unclear exactly what Online will be. While regular No Man’s Sky multiplayer is pretty straightforward as a co-op experience, perhaps No Man’s Sky Online might be a collection of different game modes. That’s just wishful thinking though. The second component of Beyond is VR support. Murray approximates that one in four No Man’s Sky players already have a VR platform. By Sean Murray’s calculation, over one million players will have access to this part of the update overnight.

If you are wondering what the third part of Beyond is, so is everyone. That component is an unknown. The teaser trailer does not really answer any questions about it either. Regardless, No Man’s Sky Beyond will be available for free for all platforms on August 14th.

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Source: YouTube