Blizzard Talks Backlash After Diablo Immortal Reveal

Fans Hoping For More Than A Mobile Game

Everyone at Blizzcon with Diablo on the brain was hoping to see some proper Diablo news this year. Something about the sequel, perhaps. Sadly, the team at Blizzard had other things to show to the world, something they were quite clear about leading up to this event. Yet even knowing that no Diablo 4 announcement was coming, fans were still upset over the reveal of Diablo Immortal.

According to Allen Adham, Blizzard fans are “a really passionate audience that desperately wants to see what they hope to see one day.” In other words, these are people with hearts aflame for the next Diablo game. So that means that these negative comments (none of which I’m linking to, they don’t need the exposure) are coming from a place of love, right?

If I hadn’t spent the last several years watching Diablo fans react this way to every single change to Diablo III, I’d believe it. But there’s just an amazing amount of evidence that nothing Blizzard does will escape this kind of scrutiny. It’s either not enough change or too much change. There’s no getting away from a vocal minority that can’t be satisfied by anything the team does. Thankfully, none of these people are the target audience for Diablo Immortal. Unless they check it out when the game is released and are pleasantly surprised. That could happen, right?