Ghost of Tsushima Offers 30+ Hours of Gameplay

No Matter How You Slice It, Ghost of Tsushima Is Lengthy

During a recent interview with Brazilian website Voxel, Ghost of Tsushima creative director Nate Fox gave Sucker Punch fans an idea of how long the campaign will be at launch. Fox explained that including the optional activities, gamers can expect to invest thirty to fifty hours into Ghost of Tsushima. The feudal Japan title will include side quests and other optional activities to hold the interest of players as the main story unfolds similar to Sucker Punch’s Infamous Second Son. Ghost of Tsushima will be releasing exclusively for the PS4 on July 17th after experiencing a recent delay and it looks to close out the generation with an immersive experience and visual masterpiece.

ghost of tsushima

“Can players take, say, 30, 40, 50 hours if they do the optional activities? And, obviously, less than that if you stay on the main route?” said Nate Fox. “Is it safe to make these statements? Yes, absolutely. However, I would highly recommend that everyone get off the main route and get lost on Tsushima Island.” While speedrunners will doubtlessly find ways to slash the length of the gameplay to minuscule numbers, we’re looking forward to absorbing everything the world Ghost of Tsushima has to offer.

On top of this fresh information from Nate Fox, creative director, Jason Connell recently gave more details about the upcoming PlayStation exclusive. Ghost of Tsushima will apparently offer a robust combat system, with Jin using multiple combat stances to his advantage. Jin also navigates using the wind and although he can hunt local wildlife, there’s nothing to gain by it and it isn’t a focus in the game. The main weapon of the game will be the katana but there will be many other weapons and gadgets and some weapons such as the katana or the bow will be displayed on all of the outfits of the game.

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Source: wccftech