New Ghost of Tsushima Details Revealed

The Wait Is Almost Over

If you’ve been clamoring for details regarding Sucker Punch Production’s upcoming Ghost of Tsushima, you’ve come to the right place. A recent interview conducted by Julien Chieze with the game’s creative director, Jason Connell, has given us some new insight into what we can expect upon release.

Ghost of Tsushima Trailer

Thanks to member Kaiserstarky of the Resetera message boards, we have a full translation of the interview. The major talking points have been broken down into a bulleted format:

  • “Zelda and Shadow of Colossus was a big inspiration for this game especially for artistic direction, he wanted the colors to be vibrant as possible.

  • The wind is the main way to navigate the game world, there are no markers. He wanted the game to be immersive as possible.

  • We can reduce the shine effect on the items that we can pick up. He made a comparison with Red Ded Redemption which is for him a good and beautiful game but for Ghost of Tsushima they wanted the game to be pleasant as possible to play without having too many superfluous animations which break the rhythm and that is why Jin can pick up items on his horse.

  • The instrument that we see Jin playing in the video will be the only one present in the game and Jason did not want to say what it would be used for.

  • We can hunt animals in the game but there is nothing to gain by doing it. Animals are mainly there to be more immersed in the universe and guiding you.

  • The Standoff mode can be activated anytime even in infiltration.

  • The little tennis balls are called the Jin Resolved Meter when we hit an enemy the bar will load and it will also be used for healing and there are also many other things related to this gauge but he did not want too get into the details.

  • There will be much more stances than the two that we saw in the video, it will be used to apprehend the different types of enemies.

ghost of tsushima feature

  • The main weapon of the game will be and will remain the katana throughout the game but there will be many other weapons and gadgets. Weapons like the katana or the bow will be displayed on all the outfits of the game but not the smallest ones because there are a lot of outfits in the game and it would represent too much work.

  • If you wear heavy armor you will be less agile so it will make infiltration harder.

  • There are several ways to retrieve the outfits, either through the main story, by doing quests, by buying them in the villages (confirms an economic system) or simply by exploring the world.

  • There are a lot of side stories in the game where you can build more or less strong relationships with different characters to learn more about their stories but it’s up to the player’s freedom and you can miss them (my guess is that this simply means they are not marked and you must seek them out).

  • The music is composed by Shigeru Umebayashi but the game having grown a lot, he realized that he could not do everything alone so they hired a second composer to work with Umebayashi and his name is Ilan Eshkeri.”

Ghost of Tsushima will be released on July 17th for the Playstation 4.

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