Sony Drops New Ghost of Tsushima Trailer with Gameplay and Story

“Honor Died on the Beach”

Earlier today, Sony released a new trailer for Ghost of Tsushima. We see a few characters important to the story and what their roles in the game are. The trailer also announces the release date of the game, June 26th. In this new Ghost of Tsushima trailer, we see Jin Sakai, the protagonist of the game. We are also introduced to Shimura and Khotun Khan. Shimura is Jin’s uncle and a father figure to Jin and trains him in the ways of the samurai, to be honourable and deadly. The villain, Khotun Khan is the leader of the invading Mongolian army.

Ghost of Tsushima Trailer

The trailer opens with a scene with a young Jin and Shimura. Shimura tells Jin what it takes to be a samurai and why their way is important. This is followed by an older Jin, fighting against the Mongolians. The honourable way of fighting taught by his uncle betrays him and leads him to defeat. Jin is captured by Khotun Khan and is offered a chance to serve in exchange for his life. Jin refuses and is supposedly killed or somehow escapes death. He then abandons his uncle’s way of fighting honourably and begins his crusade to bring down Khotun Khan.

As far as gameplay goes, we see elements of stealth and free running, as well as horseback travel and close-quarters combat. If the trailer excites you, you may want to check out the pre-order bonuses and special editions of Ghost of Tsushima, also unveiled today. Ghost of Tsushima will be available on June 26th, exclusively on PS4.

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Source: PlayStation Blog