Dome Keeper Celebrates One Year Anniversary With Update

Double the Domes Double the Fun 

When a game successfully makes it a year, it’s a brilliant time. A year anniversary for a game often means big updates that bring a host of new content to the game. When it comes to defending the domes, players can expect the same. Developer Bippinbits and publisher Raw Fury are celebrating the one-year anniversary of their roguelike mining game, Dome Keeper, with the launch of a new update. The update, titled “Double Dome”, introduces a whole mine cart full of new content to the game. For instance, new domes, upgrades, and more all await players. A new blog post on Steam discusses all of the new content coming with the anniversary update. Additionally, the visual learners amongst you gamers can check out the new Double Dome trailer for a glimpse of the gameplay of the update.

Dome Keeper 

Domekeeper places players in charge of a mining operation on an alien world. Importantly, the local populace isn’t a big fan. Players will defend their base against shadowy alien monsters as they manage their time between attacks. Of course, players will need to build their defenses, dig for resources, and more. The game is a roguelike and as such, players will experience a different run each time. 

The Double Dome update for the game is introducing even more for players to enjoy. For instance, players can now enjoy two new domes, The Artillery Dome and the Tesla Dome, new dome supplements, and more. Of course, players can get a look at everything awaiting them in the newest Dome Keeper update in the new trailer. Check it out to see these new powerhouse domes in action. 

Domekeeper is available on PC via Steam.