Decimate Drive Gameplay Teaser Is Here – Watch It Now

Run or Die in Decimate Drive

The indie video game developer Some Random Designing just released a gameplay teaser of its upcoming title Decimate Drive. It was uploaded on the official YouTube channel of the game. And so far, the game is looking quite terrifying. Moreover, you can also put it on your wish list on Steam right now or request access to the playtest.

Decimate Drive is a first-person survival horror game inspired by 70s & 80s car-themed horror movies. The game takes place in a killer car-infested city in the cold north of the United States. These vehicles try to mow you down in every corner.

The gameplay is terrifyingly fast-paced and filled with frantic chases. It is fun and fatal at the same time. You must dash from dumpsters to park benches carefully and make sure you don’t get hit. All the while adapting to your environment. It features a wide range of vicious vehicles, including terror trucks, ruthless RVs, sedans, and many more.

The atmosphere of the game is also dark and gloomy, which contributes to the elements of horror. The game features a dark and surreal storyline as well. The main goal is to survive long enough to understand the evil that is targeting you.

If you are a fan of survival horror games, then you should definitely keep an eye out for this one.