The Division 2 Trips and Stumbles on Expansion Release Day

Not the Start That Ubisoft Was Hoping For

The Division 2’s Warlord’s of New York expansion has kicked off in early access for PC players, but some players have experienced a myriad of technical shortcomings. Many of the errors appear to be stemming from simple connectivity issues. Servers are either crashing outright or are very slow to connect, if at all. This has obviously caused a lot of frustration and anger amongst the already jaded Division 2 community. Console players are supposed to gain access to the new expansion at midnight tonight. Hopefully, these issues are ironed out in time.

Division 2 Warlords

Massive Games, the development team behind The Division 2 are currently aware of the server problems and are working their best to try and fix them. There was no approximate timetable given, but it should be expected that the servers will be back up and running by the end of the day. Anything longer would be a bit of a shock.

The Division 2 has not lived up to the expectation of many people. The fans have found the game to be lacking original content and things to do, whereas the developers failed to meet the sales target that they were trying to reach. Overall, The Division 2 has been somewhat of a disappointing game in the eyes of both consumers and creators. However, Warlords of New York does look promising aside from the technical issues. It might be a bit slow out of the gate, but there is the chance that it could rejuvenate the game in one way or another.

Ubisoft stated earlier this year that they have learned from the mistakes of games like The Division 2 and plan of making future titles much more unique and distinguishable. If there is a Division 3, expect to see something totally different.