Death Stranding PC Release Confirmed For 2020

Came For the Story, Stayed For the Headcrabs 

A few weeks ago, Hideo Kojima tweeted a nebulous and mysterious trailer that revealed a short clip of Death Stranding gameplay. Many were puzzled pondering what this new trailer could mean. All the info that was given by Kojima was a heading that read in all caps “COMING 2020”. Now we know what is coming, according to 505 Games, Death Stranding will be making its debut on PC later this year.


PC fans will not have to wait very long either, the PC version of Death Standing is scheduled to drop on June 2nd. Only a few months away. That should give you enough time to update your graphic card and other components, as the PC port is going to be quite powerful. Death Stranding has some of the most impressive looking graphics around. The recommended system requirements are going to be somewhat demanding. So prepare accordingly.

The PC port is going to be featuring some new in-game content too. Players will have access to things like Half-Life themed costumes and gear. A headcrab hat was shown off in a series of photos. It is about as disturbing as you’d think. PC players will also be getting a photo mode, allowing you to capture cinematic moments and share them with your friends and community. This is a feature that PS4 players have been asking about since the original game launched in late 2019.

If you are interested in pre-ordering Death Stranding on PC, you can do so through Steam. Pre-order bonuses are going to be offered too. They are nothing to write home about, but if you consider yourself a die-hard fan of the game or Kojima then you might want to look into it.

Brace yourself for June 2nd.