New Half-Life: Alyx Gameplay Videos Show Off Combat and Customization

You Have Never Seen VR Like This

Half-Life: Alyx is arriving on Steam on March 23rd. As if fans could not be excited enough that the Half-Life franchise is finally back after a decade of stagnation, Valve has just released three new jaw-dropping gameplay trailers. These new trailers show off combat, customization, and puzzles. It is really like nothing you have seen before. If everything pans out as it should, we might be looking at the first-ever VR game that could contend for game of the year.

Half-Life Alyx

The first trailer showcases how gun customization will work. Half-Life: Alyx has appeared to adopt a quite simple currency system when it comes to upgrading your weapons. You find certain stations throughout the various levels and spend points on things like increased ammo capacity or sights on a weapon.

The amount of weapons at your disposal has not been confirmed by Valve, but the two main firearms shown off are the classic pistol and what appears to be a sawn-off shotgun of sorts. Each gun will obviously fair better depending on the different situations you find yourself in.

Like most Valve games, solving puzzles is still going to be a huge component in Half-Life: Alyx. However, with the addition of VR, the opportunities are much more diverse. From what the trailers show us, it looks like interacting with the environment around you is going to play a significant role in the game. Something that long time fans should appreciate.

To put it bluntly, Half-Life: Alyx looks outstanding. There is a very good chance that we will look back at this game like we do Halo: Combat Evolved or Doom. This title could be a trailblazer within the gaming industry. If it isn’t clear now, virtual reality is the future of video games.