The Advancing Gameplay in Sonic Superstars Has an Intriguing New Twist

One of the Classic Gameplay Elements in Sonic Superstars Will Be Modified

By eliminating standard life and game-over rules and replacing them with collecting medals as incentives, Sonic Superstars modernizes the gameplay of the original 2D Sonic game.

The next Sonic Superstars game puts more of an emphasis on cooperative play and lets four playable characters appear on screen at once. Additionally, it will have an online versus mode where players may engage in a series of platforming races or fights using specially designed Eggman robots.

Developer Naoto Ohshima of Sonic Superstars elaborates on how the game departs from the original Sonic 2D gameplay by excluding the game’s customary lives or game-over mechanisms.
Sonic Superstars

He reveals that one of his goals was to make a 2D Sonic game without lives or game-over elements. Due to this, Sonic Superstars lacks conventional aspects, yet the game is still impacted by what players get after collecting 100 rings. Collecting 100 rings awards the player a 1UP in practically every other Sonic game. However, in Superstars, a new collectable called medals is taking on the role of 1UPs.

Ohshima further affirms that the brand-new fighting style offers whole new metallic robot replicas of the controllable characters. For instance, in Sonic the Hedgehog by Archie Comics, there was never a “Metal Tails” or “Metal Amy” in the franchise. Kazuyuki Hoshino, who also created Metal Sonic, created the robotic copies of Tails and Amy in this game.

Many fans were also pleased to learn that Metal Knuckles, who made his debut in Sonic R but was never allowed to flourish outside of the comic books, will be playable in Superstars’ fight mode.