Valve Patented a New Controller Design

Valve Is Working on a Steam Controller 2.0

According to a recent patent filed by Valve the company is working on a new Steam Controller with swappable components. The control scheme will apparently change depending on what pieces are inserted into the controller, allowing gamers to optimize their controller for specific games. The swappable controls will likely function better than many third-party companies who make controllers like this, with Valve already having experience with the initial Steam Controller. After Valve discontinued and sold the last of their original Steam Controller, we weren’t sure that they’d continue investing in the concept but it’s clear they’re still creating their ideal handheld controller.

Steam Controller Valve

“Described herein are, among other things, handheld controllers configured to detachably couple to different controls, as well as methods for use and/or assembling the handheld controllers,” says the patent filed by Valve. “The handheld controllers described herein thus allow for the dynamic swapping of controls for changing the configuration of the controller to meet the needs of different applications (e.g., game titles), users, and the like.” We aren’t sure what to expect from the Steam Controller 2.0 but swappable controls sounds like an ambitious evolution of the initial controller. Are you curious what we thought about the first Steam Controller? Check out our review here!


The concept of a controller with swappable control inputs isn’t an entirely new concept but no controller has created the ideal method. While the Xbox One Elite controller plays with the concept and Scuf controllers feature an assortment of optimized layouts for gamers to try out, the Steam Controller 2.0 may be the first controller on the market to really nail the concept. PlayStation recently released back buttons for their DualShock 4 controller, allowing dedicated Sony fans to optimize their control scheme for comfort and functionality.

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Source: PC Gamer