Next Tony Hawk Game Has Been Leaked By German Video Game Retailer

Tony Hawk is About to Skateboard His Way Out of Jail

Anyone who grew up in the late 90s and early 00s (and is normal) has probably played at least one of Tony Hawk’s skateboarding games. They were almost impossible to escape from at the time. However, nothing lasts forever, over the years the quality of the games started to diminish. But there is hope. Rumors have been floating around the internet for months that have claimed that a new Tony Hawk game was in development. Well, it looks like those “leaks” were correct. Gameware, a German video game retailer might have just spilled the beans.

Called Tony Hawk: Alcatraz, this title appeared on their website described as the newest entry into the Tony Hawk series. According to the site the game is set to release in late October 2020. As you could imagine, any other details are hard to come by.

Having the world-famous prison as a central location for the game would make sense. The island prison has appeared in previous Tony Hawk titles. However, having an entire game that is set in just one location would be underwhelming at best. We will have to wait and see what unfolds in the coming weeks or months.

A likely place for this game to be officially announced is next week at Xbox’s conference. As most people know by now, large gaming conferences like E3 have been shut down due to the coronavirus. So making the switch to an online showcase could be the best course of action.

Whatever comes of this, hopefully, Tony Hawk is able to rebound as a series. The last Tony Hawk game was a disappointment, to say the least. It has been years since the last decent skateboarding game.

Tony Hawk: Alcatraz is supposedly going to launch for the Xbox One and PS4 in October.