Layering May Return to World of Warcraft Classic

WoW Classic Just Can’t Shake the Server Queues

With gamers spending more time at home these days, server queues have returned to World of Warcraft Classic. Blizzard recently asked their fans whether they want layering to return to help curb wait times for heavily populated WoW Classic servers after an open and honest statement. Layering was used during the release of World of Warcraft Classic and the following couple of months before disappearing after Blizzard finely tuned their servers, but it may be coming back now. Classic WoW is available as part of a basic subscription to World of Warcraft, featuring two endless experiences for the price of one.

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“The circumstances of the last few weeks have led to an unexpected increase in both the numbers of players that have been playing WoW Classic, as well as the length of their play sessions,” said Blizzard. “This has caused some of the most-popular realms to see queues again. While free character moves can act as a relief valve for players who just want to play a particular character regardless of the realm it’s on, that’s not the only tool in our belt. It is possible to temporarily raise the population cap on a given realm by turning layering back on.”

“While I can only name half-a-dozen realms in this region that really have extended queues right now, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few more realms experience queue growth during this remarkable period we’re living in,” Blizzard’s statement continued. “So my question for you is this: If your realm was experiencing one-hour (or longer) queues during peak play times every day, would you want your realm temporarily increased to two layers, to shorten the queue? How do you think that would change your gameplay experience?”

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Source: Game Rant