Xbox Scarlett Will Have Dedicated Ray Tracing Cores

Xbox Scarlett Will Be a Big Upgrade From the Xbox One

During a recent interview with GameSpot, The Coalition technical art director Colin Penty who worked on Gears 5 expressed his enthusiasm for Xbox Scarlett’s dedicated ray tracing cores. This dedicated ray tracing support will have an impact on the consoles performance, giving developers more room to work with. Though the Xbox Scarlett was teased at E3, nothing was officially announced in terms of pricing or release date other than a vague Holiday 2020 time frame.

Xbox Scarlett

“We don’t have anything to announce right now in terms of Gears with the new hardware, but I’m definitely super excited about what the new hardware could do,” said The Coalition’s Colin Penty. “Having dedicated ray tracing cores is huge.” Though the unveil of Project Scarlett at E3 did include discussions about ray tracing, Colin Penty’s statement proves there are dedicated cores which will make it easier for developers to optimize for. Colin Penty also discusses the major focus on 4K visuals and cloud gaming this generation but that next generation will be more focused on frame rates and playability.

The dedicated ray tracing cores are likely one aspect of a number of things Xbox is doing with Project Scarlett to help optimize gaming development on the silicon level which is what Phil Spencer talked about at E3. According to the announcement, it will also feature a solid state drive, similar to what we know about the PS5 so far. Out of all of the Xbox exclusives, we’d like to see what dedicated ray tracing cores could do for Sea of Thieves and Forza but will this also breathe life into classics like Perfect Dark or Blinx: The Time Sweeper? We’ll surely know more about the Project Scarlett launch lineup by Holiday 2020.

What are some of your favorite examples of ray tracing perfection? What Microsoft exclusives would you like to see utilize the dedicated ray tracing cores? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: wccftech