A 4K Update for Minecraft Has Officially Been Canceled

At Least There is Always Mods

For more than two years, Mojang has been promising Minecraft players a “Super Duper Graphics Pack”. This was meant to be a graphics pack that would serve as a major overhaul to the vanilla game. Minecraft is well known for having a “unique” style of graphics. So an option to update those graphics is definitely what fans wanted. Particularly on the consoles. News of this update began to slowly trickle out, then it stopped completely. Now we know why.

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Mojang finally broke its silence today and publically announced that there will be no graphical overhaul pack.

“Super Duper was an ambitious initiative that brought a new look to Minecraft but, unfortunately, the pack proved too technically demanding to implement as planned,” Mojang said on their website.

The major issue facing this project was that it was hard to make it run smoothly across all platforms. Mojang said that they simply were not happy with how it turned out. And rather than push a buggy or unfinished product out the door, they canned it.

However, just because this project fell through in development, does not mean that there are no other avenues for the players to get a better looking Minecraft. Mods have been commonplace within Minecraft since its inception. And graphical upgrade or overhauls are some of the most popular ones. The only issue is that these are next to impossible to get on console. PC players have essentially an endless supply of graphical mods to chose from.

Mojang did say that despite the fact that this particular project failed, it does not mean that there are not going to attempt to update Minecraft’s graphics in the future. Minecraft is still a very popular game. It was the best selling game on the PS4 last month.