Bugha Got Swatted Mid-Stream When Playing Fortnite

Thankfully, No One Is Hurt

Where do we even begin with this one? Do we go down the route of the newly crowned Fortnite World Champ? Or do we reiterate the dangers of swatting? I guess we should start by being thankful this went as smoothly as it did. Luckily, no harm or damage was done when the new Fortnite World Champion Bugha got swatted on Saturday night. Presumably, some jerk who got killed by Kyle Giersdorf or his teammates sent police to his home during one of Bugha’s streams.

Bugha Got Swatted

Because he was streaming, we actually get to see the moments he gets up from his game and when he comes back to fill us in on what happened. During one of his matches, with a camera focused on his mouse and keyboard, we see him stop playing, remove his headset and place it on his desk. We can hear his teammates’ confusion on why he stopped playing. About ten minutes later, Bugha returns and tells his friends that he just got swatted. He says that luckily, one of the officers who was dispatched to his house actually lives in his neighborhood and recognized him. This helped diffuse the situation.

In case you’re wondering, Bugha’s teammates reported that they had won the match despite the interruption. While this could have been a terrifying experience, young Giersdorf was very calm considering the circumstances. Let your friends at COGconnected take this opportunity to remind you, swatting is lame. If you consider swatting someone in the future, you are human-garbage.

Source: Twitch