Microsoft Teases the Big Reveal for the Xbox Scarlett Is Incoming at E3

Looks like the Big Reveal for the Next-Gen Xbox Is on the Way 

We’re less than 24 hours until E3 2019 kicks off and it seems Microsoft has just released the biggest teaser of all. According to eagle-eyed fans and the promos from Microsoft, the next generation Xbox, code named Scarlett, will be revealed tomorrow!

Microsoft Great Moments HERO

Microsoft has been releasing a handful of teasers about what they’ll be showcasing in their countdown to E3, which has done nothing to slow the hype for the big event. Now it seems they’ve just given everyone yet another reason to get excited. First noticed by some eagle-eyed fans, it appears that different videos released by Xbox over the past few days have had specific codes hidden within. These codes were discovered with the final piece of the puzzle posted earlier today on Twitter. The first code appeared two days ago and contained the combination R 255. The second appeared yesterday and contained G 36. Lastly, a new video today included the combination of B 0.

Separately these letters and numbers appear random, but together they make an RGB code, 255, 36, 0. This is the RGB code for the color…you guessed it…Scarlet. You can check out the teaser images where the code can be found below.

Up until now the codename of the next generation Xbox was rumored to be Scarlett, which has now been seemingly confirmed by Microsoft. Additional rumors have been floating around that Microsoft actually might have not one console, but two, as the other has been codenamed Anaconda. As it stands right now Scarlett is the only console that’s been confirmed for Microsoft’s showcase, however it is E3 and surprises are the best part of the show.

In a matter of hours, Microsoft is set to put on one hell of a show. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to keep it locked for all E3 updates!