Modern Warfare Missions Reward Rescues, Punishes Collateral Damage

You’re Going to Have to Live with Your Actions

The narrative of the upcoming Call of Duty game is making waves. When it was revealed that former Naughty Dog employees helped work on the story, we knew it was going to be different from past CoD games. More recently, playtesters said that playing Modern Warfare made them cry. Forget tugging on your heartstrings, it sounds like Infinity Ward is going to play some DragonForce on them. More information is now surfacing that it is not just the writing and the performances that make it an emotional experience. Apparently, Modern Warfare missions will make you feel the consequences of the actions you take.

Modern Warfare Missions

In an interview with PCGamesN, Modern Warfare gameplay director Jacob Minkoff and art director Joel Emslie talked about how they changed the focus of the franchise from heart-pounding action to immersive engagement. In the past, shooting squad mates or civilians would set you back to your previous checkpoint. When asked about the consequences of the players’ actions Minkoff said, “Call of Duty has always had ‘friendly fire will not be tolerated’ warnings when you kill too many civilians. Obviously, we’re trying to make things much more realistic, much more visceral this time, so that if you kill a single civilian you feel bad, because you might see a woman go for a gun but instead she’s going to grab her baby.” Yikes.

“On top of this, we also have a collateral damage score that we give you after each mission, a rank A through to F score. We talk about ‘unknowns’ – an NPC is an unknown until they prove whether they’re a threat or not.” What these ranks and score will mean for the overall game is unclear. We know from the pre-order options that there will be “Call of Duty Points,” that may be able to be spent in-game. Perhaps players can earn this points in single-player to unlock rewards. Of course, this is all speculation. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare comes out on October 25th, for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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Source: PCGamesN