Vice-President of Microsoft Phil Spencer Does Not Know Project Scarletts Real Name

Hopefully, Bill Gates Knows At Least

The real name of the Xbox’s Project Scarlett is top secret information apparently. The actual name of the console is so secretive that the Vice-President of Microsft Phil Spencer is in the dark about the whole thing. Spencer has commented in interviews that they have not officially decided on a name as of right now. And that “I honestly don’t know what the name is.” Apparently, the team has not arrived at that stage yet. Perhaps the naming process is not as important as creating a good console.

Phil Spencer

Microsoft has kept the names of their recent consoles a deep secret. It seems to be their signature move at this point. The Xbox One X was codenamed Project Scorpio before it was officially revealed to the public.

The Xbox One’s name came as a bit of a shock as well. Not because there was a fancy codename attached to it but simply because the name was so bad. Almost everyone and their grandmother were expecting it to be called the Xbox 580 or Xbox 720. But they decided to go for the One instead.

The real name of the Project Scarlett will most likely be a little more complex than the Xbox One or One X. There are even rumors floating around that Project Scarlett could be made up of two consoles. Other rumors state that there will be another even more powerful console called Project Anaconda and a less powerful one called Project Lockheart. The guy who comes up with these names must love his job.

These are rumors however and are totally unsubstantiated.

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