Xbox Game Studios Done Spending Spree

Xbox Game Studios May Be Done Buying Other Studios

After a recent spending spree that included the purchase of Ninja Theory, Obsidian Games, Playground Games, Double Fine and a number of other renowned studios, Xbox Game Studios may be done spending. Xbox Game Studios marketing head Aaron Greenburg recently said during a Twinfinite interview that the company is happy with the current level of content currently being developed by internal studios. The purchased studios are still finishing their obligations prior to the Xbox Game Studios acquisition but will be exclusively developing content for Xbox consoles.

Xbox Game Studios

According to Xbox Game Studios marketing head Aaron Greenburg, the internal studios are working on content for both Xbox Scarlett as well as Xbox Game Pass which is currently available on Xbox One and PC. The games being developed are expected to have a diverse range of genres and game types. Apparently some big announcements will be unveiled at Microsoft’s XO19 fan celebration in London on November 14th to November 16th. Aaron Greenburg expects this year’s XO19 to be the biggest to date and the accompanying Inside Xbox will be the biggest of the year, both expected to feature unannounced titles.

Xbox Game Studios doubled their size after the recent internal studio acquisitions and Aaron Greenburg assures Xbox fans that each of these studios is working on multiple projects. “I think we feel good about the level of content we have coming from our internal studios,” said Aaron Greenburg “but we felt good about that and then the opportunity with Double Fine came and that was a perfect fit.” He also name drops a number of other figureheads at the internal studios at Xbox Game Studios, showing a solidarity between the people leading their respective projects.

What kind of games do you hope Xbox Game Studios and their internal studios are currently working on? Do you expect the Xbox One to finish the generation with blockbuster exclusives the way PS4 started this gen? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Wccftech