Gears of War Studio Show Off Incredible Realism In Unreal Engine 5

The Realism Is Unreal

The Coalition, the studio behind “Gears of War” franchise, just showed off a Technical Demo using Unreal Engine 5 that shows off ultra-realistic character rendering, as well as incredible Lumen lighting system, and the virtualized geometry system named Nanite.

While the Alpha Point demo isn’t made to show off any existing game The Coalition is currently working on, it is however the first look at what we can expect from the studio going forward when using the new game engine. It shows off the incredibly detailed environment and geometry, as well as the strikingly stunning real-time lighting.

During the same presentation, The Coalition showed off a character render demo that is incredibly detailed, and impressive. The male body shown in the demo is said to be made up of 130,000 triangles, his face alone has 31,000 dedicated to it, as well as the facial hair that takes up 3.5 million.

It’s worth mentioning the demo was all taking place on Xbox Series X, with real-time rendering on the console, pushing the console to its limits. It shows off the true potential of the next-gen consoles, and what we can expect of next-gen games in the future.

The Coalition has not yet announced any future games they’re working on. Gears 5 will be releasing its last update “Operation 8” soon, after which the studio will be reallocating all of its resources to future titles.