World War Z Getting a Horde Mode and Crossplay

World War Z Roadmap Reveals Horde Mode, New Missions and More

Saber Interactive has officially released the season two roadmap for World War Z which details two new missions, crossplay and more new features, including the highly anticipated horde mode. The new PvE missions are set in New York and Moscow and a new zombie type will soon charge at Survivors. World War Z is available on PS4, Xbox One and through the Epic Games Store on PC and the content showed off in the season two roadmap will be free.

World War Z

Crossplay will bring gamers from different platforms together to slay zombies with a new fiery gun that will release during season two. Gamers will be able to prestige rank to unlock new weapon skins and perks alongside more cosmetic items, allowing for more customization. Horde mode will throw endless waves of aggressive zombies at Survivors until they fall, just like the Horde in Gears of War or Firefight in Halo. This will surely bring more potential new fans to World War Z as Saber Interactive’s spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead 2 finds new ways to evolve the game. Horde mode is very exciting but we’re interested to see what the zombie apocalypse looks like in the Russian map: Moscow.

Though it might perturb some people, the Epic Games Store definitely has a great lineup of titles now between this game, Borderlands 3, Control and even the upcoming The Outer Worlds. There’s no doubt that their strategy of buying up exclusives keeps them relevant as they continue to work on features for the UI. We’re expecting season two of World War Z to bring in new gamers and returning Survivors alike, but will you be trying the new season? Were you a fan of the game during season one or was it not really your thing? Let us know in the comments below!

World War Z

Source: wccftech