World War Z Sells Over 1 Million Copies in 1 Week

World War Z Launched Just Last Tuesday

Four-player co-op zombie shooter World War Z sold over 1 million copies in a week, the game’s developer Saber Interactive and its publisher Focus Home Interactive announced Tuesday. Saber Interactive’s CEO, Matthew Karch, said that the game had 70,000 concurrent players during its launch week.

“Overall the U.S. and EU have been equally strong in sales,” Karch reportedly said. “We have had 70,000 people playing at once across all platforms, with very similar distribution among PC (Epic Games Store), PS4 and Xbox. What surprises us is the fact that sales outside of the U.S. on the Epic Store have been so strong, with the U.S. being only one quarter of sales.”

World War Z

World War Z is a globetrotting four-player co-op game that’ll take players to Tokyo, Jerusalem, Moscow, and New York City. It also features six character classes, a variety of weapons, and even has five Players vs. Players vs. Zombies multiplayer modes.

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