World War Z’s ‘The Undead Sea’ Update Has Players Going on a Zombie Cruise

This World War Z Content Update Adds a New Tokyo Mission

Co-op zombie shooter World War Z received a free content update recently that’s titled, “The Undead Sea”. One of the update’s additions is a new Tokyo mission set on a ferry that’s at sea and overrun with zombies.

The update also added a new zombie-type that “spits deadly toxins and will come back to life if not dispatched appropriately,” according to the game’s publisher at Focus Home Interactive and will spawn in all the game’s levels.

Focus Home Interactive also provided details for upcoming game updates. “The next updates in the post-launch content roadmap for World War Z includes a new six-skull difficulty setting, a Weekly Challenge mode, a wave-based survival mode, the ability to switch classes during PvPvZ matches, bonus cosmetics, and more,” the publisher explained.

World War Z

“The Undead Sea” also added several new features that are listed below:

  • Added private lobbies.
  • Added ability to host the game locally in private lobbies. (Only on Xbox and PS4 at the moment, same functionality will be available on PC later)
  • Added ability to disable bots in private lobbies.
  • Added UI that shows maximum difficulty each level was completed on.
  • Added FoV scale slider.
  • Added option to change PvP loadout during the game.

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