Apex Legends Season 3 Has Just Been Announced

Get Ready For More Battle Royale Fun

Apex Legends, the newest kid on the battle royale scene has just announced its third season. The new season is going to be called Meltdown. With this new season, we can expect to see a new character, new battle pass, and another ranked series.

Apex Legends

This news was broke only moments ago on Twitter. The Tweet reads.

“Prepare yourselves for Apex Legends Season 3: Meltdown! Dropping October 1, Meltdown brings a new contender to the arena, Crypto, an all-new Battle Pass, Ranked Series 2 and more. Get the first details and prepare for more reveals before Meltdown begins!”

This announcement of a third season might be a bit of a shock considering that Apex just unveiled their second season only a few months ago. This could be because of how slow Apex was to add content after the game initially released.

When Apex Legends first debuted, it was a well-received and fresh addition to the somewhat oversaturated and stale battle royale scene. However, as the months progressed fans started to lose interest and EA had a very hard time keeping the attention of the player base. This is what the second and third seasons of Apex Legends hope to address.

With the amount of content that is coming out of the gaming industry, it is hard to really keep anyone engaged for a long period of time. EA seems to be trying to flood Apex with a steady amount of new and exciting additions in order to gain a better food hold among its competitors like Fortnite and PUBG.

The trailer that has just been released doesn’t really tell us all that much of what to expect. It seems as though we’ll have to wait until October 1st to know for sure.