Rainbow Six Siege is Pushing Back Against Hackers

Ubisoft is Not Messing Around

DDoS attacks are a big problem in gaming. So it should be no surprise that Rainbow Six Siege suffers from these sorts of attacks quite regularly. DDoS stands for distributed denial-of-service. This is when a hacker essentially lags everyone out of a game in order to win a match.  If the player does not get kicked from the match then they will be playing at a huge disadvantage. Thus making them easy pickings for the hacker. This has happened in games like Mortal Kombat. A huge DDoS attack was launched at World of Warcraft as well. This attack took down multiple servers across North America.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege_DustLine

To combat this threat, the Rainbow Six Siege team is going to remove the regular penalties for leaving a match if you are the victim of a DDoS attack. They are also going to lower the number of players per server. These changes are expected to be implemented later this week. This issue appears to be a larger problem on PC than it does console. However, Ubisoft has stated that the update will be for all platforms.

Ubisoft has threatened that they will pursue legal action whenever possible. What exact sort of legal action will be taken is not really clear. There is not a whole lot that Ubisoft can do, unfortunately. Aside from banning accounts that have been found to be cheating.

The problem has gotten so bad on PC that there are DDoS-for-hire sites. This is where you can pay a random hacker to enter an important game with you and can slow everything down for the opposing team.

Blaming lag and bad connection when you die or whiff is the oldest cop-out in the history of video games. But when you’re playing Siege you might have a point.