Zombies, Aliens and Guns Is Launching This Week on All the Platforms

Become the Hero in Zombies, Aliens and Guns

9Ratones’ Sergio Poverony and indie game publisher Ratalaika Games have announced the release date for their upcoming title Zombies, Aliens and Guns. This amazing top-down shooter is launching 26th of April on all platforms. This includes PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch and Steam.

Zombies, Aliens and Guns

Zombies, Aliens and Guns is a stylized “Run and Gun” top-down shooter that blends 2D pixels and 3D graphics. Aliens have already invaded the planet, and making things worse, they are turning innocent people into mindless zombies.

It won’t take much time before these invaders destroy the planet, and this is where you step in. You are the Earth’s last hope against this invasion from a band of military zombie rebels. Become the leader of a cadre of militarized rebels, ready to kill every last enemy in their path.

Luckily, one military scientist also found a way to subdue and tame the zombies with a vaccine. And it is your duty as the peacekeeper to deliver these vaccines to the main headquarters. Dive yourself into all 33 carnage levels, discover various weapons, locations, and scenarios, and epic boss fights.

Key features:

– 2.5D shooting action gameplay
– 33 levels
– Variety of terrain and scenarios
– Multiple weapons
– Boss battles

To build up the hype, take a look at the official trailer below.