Total War: Elysium Announced For China

During Creative Assembly’s Expansion Into China, They Announce New CCG Total War: Elysium

Upon revealing a long-term partnership with NetEase, Sega’s Creative Assembly announced a new collectible card game for PC and mobile releasing in China first after they found great success there with Total War: Three Kingdoms. NetEase helped Creative Assembly expand into China with Total War: Three Kingdoms and because of its success, they’ll be introducing Total War: Elysium to the Chinese market first.

Total War: Elysium

NetEase is one of China’s leading online infrastructure leaders in the gaming market and the partnership with Creative Assembly will surely bring Sega’s profits even higher. Total War is an award-winning franchise that’s been around for nearly two decades, providing some of the best real-time strategy game experiences as one of the main pillars of Sega. The long-term partnership between NetEase and Creative Assembly will surely bring more of the extensive and historical Total War catalogue to the fastest growing market in the industry, China.

The western audience really gravitated to the Total War franchise, especially with Total War: Rome as it covered a lot of their ancestry. Now with the long-term partnership between NetEase and Creative Assembly, we wonder which Total War will be China’s equivalent of that. Creative Assembly is currently working on nine projects including a new IP and a tactical team-based shooter. “Our partnership with NetEase is an ideal pairing with our shared mission for bringing quality gameplay experiences to our passionate fans across the globe,” said creative assembly studio director and EVP of Sega studios Tim Heaton during this announcement.

What are some of your favorite Total War games that you hope see a release in China? Are you hoping to get your hands on Total War: Elysium in your gaming market soon? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: wccftech