Your Favourite AI Has Been Cast in the Halo TV Show

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Halo has had a lot of trouble shifting beyond the video game medium, to the relief of many fans. However, Showtime has had some success in moving the franchise to TV. In April, Canadian actor Pablo Schreiber was cast as Master Chief. He is best known for his roles on The Wire and Orange is the New Black. Recently, more cast members and their characters have been announced as well. The Halo TV show is finding its feet and hopefully will begin production soon. Even more hopefully, the show will live up to the expectations of fans and the legacy of the games.

Halo TV Show

A handful of supporting Spartans have been cast as well as our fake digital girlfriend Cortana! Cortana being an AI with the likeness of Dr. Catherine Halsey, they will both be played by British actress Natascha McElhone, who is best known for her roles in Ronin, The Truman Show, and Solaris. Bokeem Woodbine will be portraying Soren-066, whose augmentation left him disfigured and unsuitable for combat. Not being able to take part in missions left hims disgruntled and he eventually defected and became and enemy of Master Chief. Part of the plot for the show seems to be revolving around their conflict.

Admiral Margret Parangosky will be played by Shabana Azmi. Admiral Parangosky was involved with the SPARTAN-III project. All but one of the NOBLE team members in Halo: Reach were from SPARTAN-III. Three brand new Spartans Kai-125, Vannak-134, and Riz-028 have also been cast. They will be played by Kate Kennedy, Bentley Kalu, and Natasha Culzac respectively. So far, no official release date has been announced for the Halo show.

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Source: Showtime