Sega Profits Significantly This Financial Quarter

Sega’s Profits This Quarter Impresses Investors with a Gain of ¥2.3 Billion

Though not completely reliving their glory days of the 1990’s, Sega is doing well for themselves after revealing an increase in revenue and profit during their recent financial quarterly presentation. Apparently revenue is up ¥3.9 billion according to the presentation. This financial growth is primarily attributed to the expansion with overseas markets and sales of hardware and software. These are mostly physical sales the company touts while promising to expand further into digital sales as new platforms and services release. The rest of the quarterly presentation information can be found at SegaSammy Holdings.

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While previous earnings presentations have been lackluster in recent memory, many people forget that Sega was a console powerhouse in the gaming market for a long time and gave Nintendo a run for their money. This Q1 2019/2020 earnings surely pleases investors of the company as revenue is great but profit means even more. Though Sonic is still making Sega money, the Yakuza and Persona franchises have maintained their relevance in recent memory. Check out our video review of Team Sonic Racing, one of Sega’s recent games we checked out.


Moving forward, Mario & Sonic at the Tokyo Olympic games and the non-Atgames Megadrive (Genesis) Mini should help maintain the brand moving into 2020 and beyond. Getting characters like Joker from Persona into Smash Bros. Ultimate is another great way to make fans who wouldn’t otherwise pick up a Persona game familiar with the brand similar to Captain Falcon and F-Zero. We’re really just hoping the Megadrive Mini is more comparable to the SNES Mini and less comparable to the Playstation Classic.

What are your favorite Sega properties? Did you live through Sega’s glory days of the 1990’s? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Gaming Bolt