Street Fighter V DLC Characters Include Oldies and Newbies

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and a Blue Costume

Yesterday, a video showing off new Street Fighter V DLC appeared on the game’s Steam page before being promptly taken down. The trailer showed returning fighters E. Honda and Poison, as well as a guest fighter Lucia. Turns out someone on Steam jumped the gun, but Capcom officially released the trailer later that day. These are the new Street Fighter V DLC characters and will be available starting on August 4th. They each come with multiple costumes.

Street Fighter DLC Characters

The trailer gives each of the characters a special intro and shows off two of their special moves. E. Honda is first. He first appeared in Street Fighter II. He is sumo wrestler inspired (though some of his moves might break regulation) and his special moves are called Tajikarao and Onigawara. The next fighter is Lucia Morgan. She was first playable in Final Fight 3.  She is an officer of the law with a New Jersey accent. Her special moves are called Weapon Fury and Burning Fight. Lastly is Poison, who debuted in Street Fighter IV. Poison uses a whip to fight and her special moves are called Toxic Glamor and Poison Cocktail.

All three characters will be available separately on August 4th, but on August 5th they will be available in “Summer 2019 Character Bundle”. Each character comes with their default, Battle, Story, and Nostalgia Costumes. Lucia and Poison come with Summer Costumes. A new stage called Honda Sento will be available too, though it is unclear if it only comes with the bundle or not.

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Source: YouTube