Mortal Kombat 11’s Nightwolf Just Received a New Trailer and Release Date

Nightwolf is Coming Out on August 13th

The footage of Nightwolf, a much-beloved character in the Mortal Kombat universe, has been slim as of late. Well, this all changed today because we have all been treated to a brand new gameplay trailer as well as a release date for Nightwolf.

Mortal Kombat 11 Spawn

The trailer is over the top and unnecessarily violent. Just the way everyone likes it. It does do a good job is capturing the stoic character in addition to showing off his abilities. The Native American warrior will be available for download on August the 13th for Kombat Pack owners. The rest of the Mortal Kombat fans will have to wait until August 20th instead.

The moves of Nightwolf are familiar to anyone who has played as him in previous games. He shoots people with a bow and arrow and hacks people with a tomahawk. The usual. Nightwolf is just one of many characters that are going to be added to the game. Sindel is next. And after she makes her debut in the game it should be the comic book character Spawn next. This will be the first time Spawn has ever been in any Mortal Kombat game so it should be interesting to see how they make him work in the game.

There have been never-ending “leaks” and rumors of who else is going to be added to the game. Many people are convinced that the final two characters are going to be the Terminator and Ash Williams from Evil Dead. None of this has been confirmed by anyone so we still no nothing at this point. However, the addition of Nightwolf was leaked a couple of weeks before the official announcement. So it goes to show that sometimes the “leaks” are actually right. Now we just wait and see.