Take a Peak at the August Roadmap For Hitman 2

Now You Can Plan Your August Accordingly 

Content road maps great. No more guessing, waiting or wishing for things to be added to the game you love. Now you can just take a look at the roadmap for the month and plan accordingly. IOI Interactive the good people behind the Hitman series has just released their content roadmap for August.

Hitman 2

Hitman 2 has taken a much larger step in trying to bring the Hitman community together. And in a game that is solely a single-player game, that can be tough. To get around this issue, IOI has added tons of challenges or highly difficult situations to complete. And once those goals are completed the player will receive a score based on how well they performed. This will then be added to a leaderboard so you can compare your stats worldwide or between your friends. It is these kinds of challenges that are going to be added in August.

To give an example of what to expect here is the 1st Escalation challenge that was just added today.

“Start the month with a boost of energy from Jester. This revolutionary energy drink gives you all the power you need to complete Escalation Contracts – and more! Stay on top of your game and enjoy all the benefits that only Jester can provide. This message was sponsored by Jester energy drink.”

“Put an end to this madness by throwing soda cans at joggers.”

The different ordeals that you will be but in will range from the very serious to the outright bizarre. Players should also be expecting an update to come their way on the 26th. This patch appears to be targeting all aspects of the game some there could be some major tweaks on the horizon.

See the roadmap right here.