Fanatical Has Some Awesome Flash Deals for Cyber Monday

19 Must-Have Games Now On Sale

It’s Cyber Monday and you know what that means: sales, sales, sales. Yes, even some of the most beloved videogames out there have been sharply discounted for 24 hours on our old friend Fanatical. This digital game sales and marketing platform is offering 19 fantastic deals for 19 classic games. Some of them are priced so low you can get them for $1 USD. Hard to beat prices like that!

Persona 4 Golden PC Version

The titles involved range from shooters to JRPGs, Sid Meier’s Civilization to a pack to help you learn Japanese. Want to check out Detroit: Become Human for $26 CDN? Interested in trying Persona 4 Golden for just under $17 CDN? Now is the time. These flash deals will only last until the end of the day, so don’t waste any time. Here’s the list of special Cyber Monday flash deals:

That’s a list with some real classics on it–at prices we’re not totally sure are okay to take advantage of. 83% off HITMAN 2? That’s like $13 CDN. And Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- is going for about $10 CDN, including the DLC characters! Is–is it okay to pounce on this chance? Don’t worry, we’re here to reassure that it is 100% all right to take advantage of these deals, because that’s what Fanatical is all about: sales. Seriously, they’ve got over 4000 other games on sale that we didn’t even mention. And all of them officially licensed to make sure the devs and publishers get rewarded for your purchase! It’s a good time to go game shopping.

Steam Death Stranding

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