Rumor: Hideo Kojima Involved With Alleged Silent Hill Reboot

Stranger Things Have Happened

At this point, my gut says that a Silent Hill reboot is in the works. We have a Silent Hill Chapter in Dead by Daylight, including a special edition of the game with music by composer Akira Yamaoka. We have a rumoured Netflix series with academy award winner Charlize Theron tipped to star. We have an official Silent Hill twitter account created this summer, years after the last game or movie was released, as well as mysterious Silent Hill-esque tweets from Sony Arabia. Finally, we have a rumored reveal next month, but what could have been with Silent Hills?

Silent Hills had all the makings of a blockbuster. Directed by Kojima and Oscar winner Guillermo Del Toro, with art design by famed horror mangaka Junji Ito (Just read Uzumaki without developing a fear of spiders), and starring geek icon Norman Reedus, the game was tragically canceled after Kojima severed ties with Konami. Since then, Konami have become something of an industry joke for their focus on Pachinko machines and mobile gaming.

However, it looks like the new reboot may in fact be a continuation of that cancelled project, as industry insider Moore’s Law is Dead has claimed that the Silent Hill game allegedly being announced just a few weeks from now is in fact Silent Hills, with Kojima working alongside Sony and even Konami on the new project, which is allegedly a PlayStation exclusive.

If this is true then we’ll finally see geek dreams come to fruition: Despite its status as a demo, PT is often considered one of the scariest gaming experiences of all time, leading fans to wonder how things could have gone.

We don’t know whether anyone else in the creative team of Silent Hills, such as Ito (who did previously state he’s open to working with Kojima again), are involved in the project. We do know that Team SIlent seem to be involved in the new project, and there’s only room for one creative lead. Ito may be responsible for some of the most uniquely horrifying manga of all time (Uzumaki, The Enigma of the Amigara Fault, Hanging Balloons, Army of One, Gyo, Hellstar Remina, many others. Seriously, I am not exagerrating when I say the guy is a horror genius) but few fans would turn down the chance to see the original creative team taking point and showing people that Silent Hill will always be there if you want a getaway with a difference.

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