Is a New Silent Hill Game on the Way?

Konami’s Twitter Seems to Think So

Despite it being widely considered one of Survival Horror’s most prolific series’, Silent Hill has been… well, silent. After the cancellation of Silent Hills (Which would have featured work by Hideo Kojima, Guillermo Del Toro, and Junji Ito) there’ve certainly been rumors that a Silent Hill reboot could be on the horizon- in fact, it’s something we’ve discussed before– but the past couple of months have driven the rumors into hyperdrive.

Silent Hill Downpour

For those of you that aren’t in the know, the Silent Hill series is set in and around the titular town- a quiet resort town which just happens to be the home of a cult obsessed with resurrecting their gods, and who’s activities have awoken the town’s dark power, drawing unsuspecting people into a twisted Otherworld to face their fears and atone for their sins.

Outside of the rumors that spawned our previous article, Silent Hill recently had a DLC chapter in the popular online horror game Dead by Daylight, with the iconic Pyramid Head and Cheryl Mason as playable characters, which has certainly brought the series to a new audience and helped to drive up interest.

Still, at present, any new game is just speculation, but Konami are certainly being teasing, and recently tweeted the following sound clip:

While they clarified that the clip was in reference to Dead by Daylight- with the iconic siren playing on the Silent Hill DLC’s Midwich Elementary School map, it’s the third tweet in the chain which is drawing the most interest.

It looks normal, right? Nothing special, or even that exciting, however clicking on the link provided shows that, while there is a Silent Hill twitter account, it’s also very new- in fact, it was created just last month.

While it’s certainly not unusual for gaming franchises to have their own twitter accounts, the oddity here is that there hasn’t been a new entry in the franchise since P.T, the playable teaser for the cancelled Silent Hills, all the way back in 2014. It’s unusual for a dormant franchise to open a Twitter account and, while it does miss the blue tick which would mark it as official, the fact that the Konami twitter account itself is linking to the account does lend it some credibility.

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