Even More Hints at a Silent Hill Reboot Drop

Ready for a Vacation?

Look, I’m not going to say that a Silent Hill reboot is confirmed, but there’s been a lot of rumors and evidence – enough for me to say that my gut says it’s true, and not because it’s something I desperately want. Sure, it won’t be the union of Hideo Kojima, Guillermo Del Toro, and Junji Ito, but we do know that Japan Studios – where much of Team SIlent now work – is working on an unnamed project for the PS5. We know that an official Silent Hill Twitter account is now active – an odd thing to happen if a new game isn’t on the way. We know that Masahiro Ito – monster designer, art designer, and creator of Pyramid Head – is working on a new game, announcing via Twitter that he hopes it doesn’t get canceled – a sly hint at the cancellation of the last game, Silent Hills?

Now, Sony themselves seem to be getting on the fun, as Sony Arabia have released two new videos on their official twitter which, while not official confirmation of the rumored reboot, do have a distinctly Silent Hill theme to them.

Interestingly Leaks by Daylight – a Dead by Daylight leaks website which is following the news, if only as far as it pertains to future Silent Hill content in the multiplayer horror game – also mentioned that Konami approached a number of other studios in the hopes of rebooting the franchise. They offer no official confirmation but it appears that one of the studios they approached was Supermassive Games, in a project that would eventually become Little Hope, the latest game in The Dark Pictures Anthology. We’d need to hear something from an official source to confirm that, but the game does have a distinctly Silent Hill feel to it.

We still need to wait a little longer for confirmation, but with the rumored announcement at The Game Awards a little over three weeks away, we might not to need to wait too long to revisit everyone’s favorite vacation spot.

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