Bethesda Brings Rage 2 to the…..Sega Dreamcast?

Get Ready to Rage with the Return of the Dreamcast

As part of a promotional giveaway for the imminent release of Rage 2, the game’s official Twitter is giving away a custom Sega Dreamcast that has quite the upgrade over its original incarnation.

Rage 2 Dreamcast

The giveaway was revealed on the game’s Twitter account where it promises that the special edition Dreamcast can indeed play Rage 2, as its insides have been refitted with a custom PC with HDMI input.

Naturally, fans are simultaneously baffled and excited at the notion of such a fittingly ridiculous gag gift prize. It’s unclear if the console’s developer, SEGA, is actually in on the joke, but here’s hoping they’re into it! Rage 2 has really been leaning into the silly marketing with Walmart Canada offering an alternate cover poking fun at the retailer’s slip-up last year, as well as a cheat code that enables NBA Jam commentary to entice pre-orders.

Rage 2 will be available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One this coming May 14th. Be sure to check out our recent preview of the game, along with what its director had to say about making open worlds.

SOURCE: Twitter