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20 Next-Gen Games to Board the Hype Train For

Some have lamented that they’re not finding the launch lineup for the new hardware particularly exciting, but in the first-quarter holiday rush extension that’s become a trend over the past few years, players will be able to dive into experiences pretty regularly that remind them why they spent $700 on a console.

12 More Horrifying Games to Play This Halloween

You may be wondering, “Hey [writer] at {Trusted Gaming News Outlet}, what horror games should I play now that I’ve braved my way through all the titles on your previous list?” Well dear reader, I’ve compiled a brand new updated list of must-or-at-least-should-play horror titles for you to play in the dark on this, the season of spookies.

Indie Classics Come to Console and New Favorites Let Fans Behind The Curtain

Another week, another exciting slew of indie gaming news. As the launch of the next generation of consoles looms over the industry, indie developers have been letting players know what they’ll be bringing to the table amidst an onslaught of AAA releases. A few developers have also been making sure that those who aren’t upgrading just yet aren’t forgotten about. Let’s take a look!