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Indie Classics Come to Console and New Favorites Let Fans Behind The Curtain

Another week, another exciting slew of indie gaming news. As the launch of the next generation of consoles looms over the industry, indie developers have been letting players know what they’ll be bringing to the table amidst an onslaught of AAA releases. A few developers have also been making sure that those who aren’t upgrading just yet aren’t forgotten about. Let’s take a look!

Much Anticipated Expansions, Demos, and Trailers in This Weeks Indie Video Game News Update

Indie Round-Up It’s been a bit of a quiet week in the indie scene as everyone continues to betray their friends in Among Us and slash their way out of the underworld in Hades. Additionally, a lot of current media coverage is revolving around the shiny new consoles launching in a little over a month … Continued

The Best Indie News & Video Games From The Third Week of September, 2020

It’s been a big week for new consoles, but how are our friends in the indie scene doing? It may have gotten buried under the onslaught of PS5 and Series X info, but don’t worry! I’ve dug up some of the brightest gems from the past week and arranged them in a way that is tasteful and easily digestible for you!