Rage 2 Director Talks About Making Open Worlds

It’s More Art Than Science, Really

Rage 2 is almost upon us! In anticipation of the game’s release, Rage 2 director Magnus Nedfors sat down for an interview with VG247. While the main subject of discussion was technical, Rage 2 has a story component as well. You need compelling reasons for blowing people up and ripping around the desert, after all.

rage 2 mere 1080p

In particular, open world games require a certain kind of storytelling in order to succeed. Nedfors hopes to tell “small stories, both by interactions with the NPCs that you meet, and also through the environment.” It’s this kind of narrative that works best with the limitless freedom promised by open world games. Rage 2 presented other challenges, however.

Nedfors’ team has a lot of experience making open world games. The Just Cause series is a prime example of this, though with a very different camera setup. You wouldn’t think this was a big deal, but switching to first person changes how pretty much everything is designed. From the look of the vegetation to the movement system, every element needs to subtly shift. In any case, we haven’t much longer to wait before we find out for certain how Nedfors and his team did with their latest title. Rage 2 is coming out for PC, PS4 and the Xbox One on May 14th, 2019.