Top 10 Scary Games For Xbox One

7. Blair Witch

The Blair Witch film franchise that popularized the found-footage genre of film has been recreated in a videogame by the developers at Bloober Team. The game is set two years after the original film as you take control of Ellis, a detective with dark secrets. The game is just as unpredictable and anxiety inducing as the films, the forest will plays tricks on you, making you wonder what’s an illusion and where the way forward is. As Ellis becomes more scared, he moves slower and his perspective is altered, simulating a panic attack in ways most games don’t delve into. Ellis’ German Shepherd Bullet remains by his side to keep you grounded through the experience but you may also wonder if he’s real at times. Video tapes that are scattered around the forest uncover the plot and finding them adds to the sense of discovery in the dark, ever-changing forest. Blair Witch saves the biggest scares for the third act so be patient if you’re looking to maximize the scares.  Sound and lighting play a huge role in this title just as it is in Friday the 13th as each snap of a twig or voice from the distance could be important. Just like in the film of the same name, the Blair Witch uses the environment to manipulate the emotions of both Ellis and the gamers controlling him to a tremendous effect and the constant question of which way is up keeps me on edge.

6. Slender: The Arrival

Blue Island Studios has released their nightmarish survival horror game, Slender: The Arrival which emphasizes the omniscience of Slender Man. This game is the official re-imagining and expansion of the original Mark Hadley title made for Xbox One. Writers behind the Marble Hornets series collaborated with Blue Island Studios to create a twisted adventure with a disturbing storyline and improved visuals. You play as Lauren who’s sent to search for her friend Kate who became obsessed with the folklore of the Slender Man. You slowly uncover the mysteries of Slender: The Arrival, realizing the sheer scale of Slender Man’s power as he stalks your every move, only making himself visible when he wants to be seen. You may think you finally caught him as a nearby shadow starts to move closer, shining your flashlight to reveal a disfigured demon child. He’s always lingering in the shadows just beyond your reach while other things will add to the scare factor. Admittedly this game dabbles into jump scare territory many times which will prevent you from staying on the edge of your seat for too long and might even make you fall off once or twice. Unfortunately, the mythology of Slender Man has already led to a stabbing in a botched sacrifice to the faceless entity which truly adds to the horrifying nature of the series. If you ever feel like you’re being watched, only to turn around and see nothing, you know what it feels like to play Slender: The Arrival.

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5. Amnesia: Collection

Similar to other games on this list that have become franchises, each title is more scary than the last and that’s definitely the case with Amnesia. The Amnesia: Collection includes Amnesia The Dark Descent, the Justine DLC and Amnesia 2: A Machine for Pigs. The collection released in the dead of summer 2018, too soon to make our last Halloween list, but just in time to scare us into submission for this entry. Amnesia has been a definitive survival horror experience since the initial release in 2010 as some of the most disturbing imagery in gaming is portrayed as the story of Amnesia is pieced together. Amnesia: Collection has updated visuals for the latest generation of consoles, further adding to the immersion factor which leads to even more scares as this is the first time the series is playable on console. Your character (Daniel) wakes up within the cold walls of Brennenburg castle with a wicked case of amnesia. As he learns what the true nature of reality is, so will you. The Amnesia: Collection is a slightly dated experience that you still won’t feel comfortable playing through in the dark. Just like with Slender: The Arrival, the only thing to fear in the Amnesia: Collection is the unknwon.

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