New Blair Witch Trailer Is Playing Tricks on Us

“No Longer Just a Missing Persons Case”

Just a few days ago, we saw exclusive gameplay footage from Game Informer. It showed off some new mechanics like how the protagonist Ellis can use his search dog Bullet to help him. The footage also let us take a look at combat, a first for developer Bloober Team’s psychological horror games. Earlier today, we get an actual new Blair Witch trailer. Instead of developers or influencers talking over the gameplay, this gives players a look into what Ellis will be experiencing in the game.

Blair Witch Game

One of the tools or items at Ellis’ disposal is a cellphone. This will allow him to have contact with the world outside the forest, and maybe something else. The trailer opens with Ellis receiving a call from Jess, likely an ex-girlfriend or someone close to him. Throughout the trailer, Jess and Ellis talk, but as Ellis gets further into the forest, he realizes that there are strange things at work. Obviously, with Jess not being there, she is a little skeptical about what he is telling her. Ellis beings to question what is real and if he is going crazy or if something else is happening. Spoiler: it’s probably the witch.

In the Game Informer gameplay, it is mentioned that the voices coming through the cellphone will not always be friendly or reliable. It may even be a way of the Blair Witch to mess with Ellis. We get a hint of that toward the end of the trailer with some distorted voices heard. Blair Witch will be out on PC and Xbox One on August 30th.

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Source: YouTube