Found Footage! A New Look at the Blair Witch Game

Bloober Team Throws the First Punch

Developer Bloober Team’s upcoming Blair Witch will be out in just over a month. It was officially revealed in the middle of June during E3. Bloober Team’s recent release history includes the psychological horror games Layers of Fear, Observer, and Layers of Fear 2. That trend will continue with the Blair Witch game. While the previous games were walking simulators for the most part, Blair Witch will differ in this way. For the first time, Bloober Team’s psych horror game will include combat.

Blair Witch Game

While the combat in Blair Witch may not be traditional run ‘n gun or hand to hand fighting, there are elements that fight with the first person perspective. In a very similar vein to Alan Wake, the Blair Witch’s minions can be driven away or defeated by shining a flashlight on them. In the Gameplay Today video by Game Informer, we get to see the conflict between some minions and the protagonist Ellis. In the 1999 Blair Witch Project, the audience never actually sees the Witch and that is reflected when encountering her minions. They zip back and forth, and it is very hard to see what they really look like.

One of the most popular features of Blair Witch is Bullet the dog. Bullet helps Ellis as he tries to navigate the forest. You can pet Bullet. Now that the most important feature is confirmed, there is also an interaction and command wheel to tell Bullet what to do. During combat, you can tell him to stay close, to seek out enemies, sit, stay, and all the regular dog tricks. He can also access areas that Ellis cannot and search for clues. There is also a camcorder Ellis can use to review found footage and even rewind tapes to affect the environment. Blair Witch comes out on August 30th on PC and Xbox One.

How do you think Blair Witch will stack up to other Bloober Team games?

Source: YouTube