Slender: The Arrival Set to Scare You Silly on Switch Next Month

Slender: The Arrival Haunts the eShop on June 20th 

Blue Island Studios has announced that they are bringing their nightmarish survival horror game, Slender: The Arrival, to Nintendo Switch on June 20th, 2019.

Originally released all the way back in 2013 on PC — then ported to various platforms over the following years, including last and current gen consoles — this will be the first time the game can be played on a portable machine. Unless you count walking around your living room with the Wii U gamepad in hand as “on the go.”

Slender: The Arrival will cost $9.99 USD on the Nintendo Switch eShop and is rated T for Teen. Below is a brief description of the game courtesy of today’s press release:

“In Slender: The Arrival, Lauren is in search of her friend Kate, who recently has become increasingly obsessed with the folklore of Slender Man. Was Kate’s disappearance the work of Slender Man? Use Kate’s forgotten flashlight to explore abandoned houses, creepy mines and dark forests to unravel the mystery – all while being stalked by the menacing presence of Slender Man.”

Slender: The Arrival

Truthfully speaking, this is one spooky ass game. However, we’re curious how scary it’ll be when playing on the Switch’s smaller screen. To give you an example, Layers of Fear — another first-person horror game that is on Switch — sent shivers down my spine when playing on a big screen but lacked the same impact on the 7″ display.

Slender: The Arrival is also a pretty dark game so playing outside in the blaring sunlight might not be the best way to experience this one. Either way, it’s nice to see the game make its way over to the Switch.

Are you looking forward to playing it? Let us know in the comments below.

SOURCE: Press Release