Rumors of She-Hulk DLC in Marvel’s Avengers Get New Life

Avenger at Law

Way, way back in the days before Marvel’s Avengers came out, there were rumors of more than a dozen DLC characters planned for the game. That was before the game launched and became a resounding disappointment. Since then, those rumors have become less and less likely. However, the prospect of adding She-Hulk to the game has recently made waves on the Twitterverse.

The user named Miller has claimed that She-Hulk will be played by Krizia Bajos. He cites himself for being the one to informally announce Christopher Judge to be the voice of Black Panther, which he turned out to be right about.


That is hardly a confirmation, but Krizia Bajos herself chimed in with a green heart retweet. Again, that is not enough to go on, but her reply was subsequently deleted. What are you hiding, Bajos?! The truth?!

Since the Raid and the Spider-Man update on PlayStation, Crystal Dynamics has been mostly quiet about the game, aside from regular patches. They have not given us a new roadmap of upcoming content, but they have not said that they are done either. Another character and expansion would help liven things up for fans.

If those early datamining rumors are anything to lean on, they definitely have ideas for characters. Plus, the She-Hulk series on Disney+ is set to premier in 2022, so there would be a lot of hype to build off of. Marvel’s Avengers is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Stadia.

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