Fortnite Devs Are Going to Help Players ‘Make Up for Lost Time’

Epic Games Will Be Helping Fortnite Players “Make Up for Lost Time”

Fortnite players were in a bind yesterday. Fans from different parts of the world could not log in. Some even had to wait in long queues only to have to wait longer once the timer counted down. As a result, Epic Games had to shut down the game’s servers.

We are continuing to work on a fix that will bring Fortnite back online and appreciate everyone’s patience,” they wrote on social media.

fortnite epic games make up for lost time

The Fortnite community first had problems when they tried to log in. They also had matchmaking issues around midday yesterday. Soon, it became apparent to everyone that the problem needed a major fix. With that said, the devs had to completely take the servers down. It took them several hours to finally fix the problem.

The game is back online, much to the satisfaction of the franchise’s following. However, some players were not happy having missed out on their daily fix of the battle royale game. Fortunately for those who have been affected by the downtime, Epic has promised that they are going to compensate any lost time.

We appreciate everyone’s understanding as we worked to resolve these issues,” the devs added. “We will have more details next week on what we are doing to help you make up for lost time.”

Fortnite fans are in the dark about what this type of compensation is going to be. Some are hopeful that Epic could be referring to Supercharged XP for at least a day or more. Others are hoping that the devs might throw in some free content as a goodwill gesture, too. After all, it is not beyond Epic to be too generous during the holiday season. They have already been very generous with their Winterfest 2021 presents.

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