Fortnite Is Down With No Word on When It’ll Be Back Online

Fortnite Servers Have Been Down for Hours

Fortnite’s servers are currently down. The good news is that Epic Games is already hard at work at fixing the problem. The bad news is that they did not provide any time frame on when the game will be back online.

The battle royale game’s servers went down on Wednesday afternoon. Thankfully, Epic is on the ball with what is going on. “Fortnite is currently unavailable and players are unable to log in while we investigate an issue,” the devs wrote on social media. “We will provide more info when we have a solution to bring services back online.”

fortnite servers down

The issues started with a series of matchmaking and log in errors. Fortnite players found themselves waiting in long queues whenever they try to launch the game. What made matters worse is that they would still be unable to log in even after the timer has fully counted down.

Fortnite servers being down has not happened since the title transitioned from Chapter 2 to Chapter 3 earlier this month. After the downtime, any server issues were expected and understandable. However, this recent server issue during the game’s busiest time of year is a cause for concern to its community.

We are continuing to work on a fix that will bring Fortnite back online and appreciate everyone’s patience,” the devs added. “Fortnite game servers are currently offline while we investigate a solution to stability issues.”

Fortnite fans who are affected by this downtime have no other choice but to wait until everything has been fixed. Until then, there are plenty of free games that they can enjoy. After all, Epic Games Store is giving away a lot of free games during this holiday season.

Unexpected downtime is a bit rare for the Fortnite franchise—even more so that it would last for so many hours. It is worth noting, however, that Epic tends to work relatively quickly at solving this type of problem. 

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