Halo Infinite Bots Are Causing Unbalanced Teams for Multiplayer Matches

Halo Infinite’s Bots Tend to Overstay in Casual Matches

Halo Infinite players may have noticed this one particular bug. Bots have been joining multiplayer teams to fill any empty slots. The glitch is that they tend to stick around even after their human replacements have logged in and joined the match. Their tendency to overstay has resulted in many unbalanced teams for multiplayer matches.

The gaming community is witness to the behavior of Halo Infinite’s bots. They tend to behave quite similarly like real human players. Apparently, this extends to the conduct of not getting the hint when it is time to leave the party.

Halo Infinite bots unbalanced teams multiplayer matches

With the bots extending their stay in the match, it turns teams that should only be comprised of four players, into ones that have either five or six. This bug has its pros and cons, though.

Halo Infinite players have noticed that it is more advantageous for them to fight six opponents in slayer matches. After all, the bots do not exactly have high kill-death ratios. This means that players can rack up double kills for a much lower effort. However, it has been noticed that going up against a team with bots during the game’s objective-based modes is almost always a guaranteed loss.

Strongholds, which is the mode that requires players to capture and hold zones, is nearly impossible to win when up against more players. A team with more players is simply able to cover more ground and capture zone more quickly. This keeps players in smaller teams constantly on their toes.

So far, the Halo Infinite bot bug has only been observed in the game’s casual matches. After all, bots do not populate the empty slots in ranked matches. At the moment, it remains unclear if there is a fix underway for this issue, which players presume is a bug.

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